“There is order in nature, in the universe-structure, co-ordination, cohesion and utility, an overall design in which all parts fit together and depend on one another as in a giant puzzle.” – Andreas Feininger, Nature and Art, A photographic exploration.

My practice is interpretive of the numerous structures/systems all around us, which are influenced by each other in a periodic or aperiodic manner. It has an inherent inclination towards being complex and intricate resembling the structures, which may be physical, emotional or imaginary. It delves into the possibilities and questions posed by Chaos theory, which is the driving force for my practice. The mere thought of millions of networks constructing and deconstructing, while working together to create a state of balance, order or chaos, mesmerizes me.

I work in varied mediums specifically painting, installations, digital, and sculpture. Through my works I am entangling the viewer, making them curious to explore into the work whilst adding a sense of mystery, drama and a moment of anticipation. My work gradually evolves itself into extensive projects being true to its generic nature.

I revel in the conscious hand making process of an artwork and cherish the time spent on developing a work. Balancing between the literal and the abstract, I aim to physically recreate a sense of the patterns and structures around us. With an eagerness to put the audience at the center of a chaotic ambience, embracing the numerous links and connections, I continue working on my projects.