With “Incessant Code” It is my first attempt on animation in which I have tried to push myself to view and comprehend my area of research through motion. It is completely hand made, a fact exaggerated by the camera shake throughout the work. It is based primarily on the Fibonacci sequence concentrating on the continuity of rapid change occurring around us. The animation has a finite life, which upon reaching it’s full potential deconstructs itself exemplifying the laws of motion. It will keep doing so till an external variable intervenes which will be the base for taking this work extensively forward.

The audio of the video plays a major role with subtle references to the changing seasons with the passing of time denoted by the sound of a moving bicycle chain. The speed of the audio increases, signifying the frequency of unnoticed changes in our environment, which elope in a blink of an eye.  At the end of its self-developing phase, it reaches to a blank point for the outside viewer, but is still in motion for a keen observer or someone caught at the center of the chaos.